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Welcome aboard! My name is Mark Wichers and I am an enthusiastic lover of trains. In 1961 my parents, sisters and I moved to East Croydon (south of London). It was there that I was first introduced to steam trains, which raced past with great noise every hour under the train viaduct right next to our house. When I received a model railroad starter set on my birthday, I was hooked.

I've been retired for a few years now, but trains have always played a big role in my career. It was almost inevitable that I ended up in the travel trade.

I started in 1988 with my own travel agency in The Hague, specialized in special train travel, co-creator and organizer of the 40-day train trip around the world project.

Since 2007 I was employed by one of the leading train tour operators in The Netherlands, responsible for compiling and executing  Luxury and Long Distance Travel.

I would like to let you benefit from my more than 30 years of expertise in putting together special train journeys!



Pictograms are used on the luxury train pages to provide as much relevant information as possible about this luxury train.

The official website of the railway company.


YouTube videos arranged in alphabetical order provide more background information and let you 'experience' the luxury train journey.


Extensive route descriptions, departure dates, rates, etc.


This luxury train only runs during the day. For multi-day trips, overnight stay (s) in a luxury hotel.

This luxury train runs during the day and night.

This luxury train runs during the day. At night the train will stop along the platform (where possible).

Overnight(s) in a luxury hotel.

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