El Expreso de la Robla

El Expreso de la Robla is a comfortable air-conditioned train that runs through the picturesque countryside of northern Spain.

3-day luxury train journey Bilbao - Leon

The itinerary offers the nostalgia of bygone train journeys with all modern conveniences. After the sumptuous breakfast buffet, a guide will take you by luxury coach to interesting towns and sights along the route. Lunch and dinner take place at top regional restaurants along the way. At night, the train stops at a station so you can enjoy optimal rest. A very relaxing way to enjoy Spain's beautiful coastline and rugged, mountainous north.

A 6-day luxury train roundtrip from Oviedo

The Pilgrim's Route is a unique route with all the luxury you would expect from el Expreso de la Robla. Think every comfort, the best gastronomy and service of the highest quality. In six days, you will make a round trip with Oviedo as starting and finishing point. Along the way, you will pass beautiful locations such as Viveiro, Ortigueira and, of course, Santiago de Compostela. All excursions and guided tours are included. This combination of service, sightseeing, walking and luxury is an experience for the rest of your life.